06th Dec2012

Circus animals: a ban on the way?

by admin

The government may, after all, perform an unexpected U-turn on its opposition to a ban on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses.

Tom Harris raised the issue at today’s Business Questions, when MPs of all parties have an opportunity to raise issues about future business in the Commons with the Leader of the House, Andrew Lansley.

At the end of October, the Glasgow South MP led opposition to the government’s proposals to introduce a licensing system for regulating the use of wild animals in circuses, after an array of animal welfare charities united to oppose the new regime. But despite claiming the government intended to introduce a full ban at some point, ministers refused to be tied down to a specific timetable – even when the Commons voted unanimously for a ban earlier this year.

Challenged over recent rumours that the government will introduce a ban after all – despite the new licensing regime not officially having taken effect yet – Andrew Lansley claimed the government’s support for a full ban had not changed. But he refused to be drawn, once again, on a specific timetable.


WATCH Tom’s question.


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