10th Dec2012

No jam tomorrow

by admin

Drivers in Glasgow’s south side will have a less frustrating Christmas than they expected this year after local MP Tom Harris won his campaign to remove traffic lights that had been causing traffic chaos for weeks.

Tom urged Glasgow City Council to remove the lights at the junction of Aikenhead Road and Curtis Avenue when it became clear that they were causing unnecessary tailbacks as well as hurting local businesses. The lights were installed in the summer after which, cars were unable to stop outside the row of shops next to the Esso garage, causing hundreds of pounds of losses to businesses every week.

Tempers flared and rush-hour traffic ground to a standstill each night as vehicles queued to get through the new junction

Tom said: “The Aikenhead Road route between the city centre and the south side was known for years as a relatively quick way to drive. But these new lights were not only unnecessary, they made driving that length of road – particularly on the south-bound carriage during the evening rush hour – a misery for drivers.

“I want to thank the city council for their swift action in removing these lights.”


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