24th Jan2013

Supporting ‘Switch the Fish’ campaign

by admin

Counters Manager David Goldsmith explains Sainsbury's 'Switch the Fish' campaign to Tom

Sainsbury’s campaign to persuade customers to try a different range of fish was publicly supported today by Shadow Fisheries Minister Tom Harris.

Tom visited the company’s store in Wilton Road, Pimlico, on the eve of the official launch of Sainsbury’s “Switch the Fish” campaign. Not only will the campaign aim to encourage shoppers to sample some of the more unfamiliar varieties of fish available – in other words, species other than cod, tuna, haddock, salmon and prawn – but it will also hope to raise more than £13,000 for the Fishermen’s Mission, which provides support for injured fishermen and their families.

Tom gets some fishy advice from Sainsburys' fishmonger Sinisa Obradovic

Tom said: “I want to congratulate Sainsbury’s for their ‘Switch the Fish’ campaign. It’s important that we consume our favourite fish at a sustainable rate, otherwise there may come a point when they’re simply no longer available to most of us. Some of the less well known fish are extremely tasty, and that will surprise many shoppers. I hope they’ll give those species a try.”



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