11th Jul2013
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‘Don’t just moan about Ipsa – do something about it!’

Party leaders and other MPs who are publicly declaring their opposition to MPs getting a pay rise in two years’ time should either put up or shut...

22nd Jun2013
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And this year’s ‘Harris Trophy’ goes to…

The 2013 “Harris Trophy” was won last night by Kingswood Bowling Club. The annual event was held in seven different clubs in the former Glasgow Cathcart (now...

12th Jun2013
New dear Ed

Tom resigns from the front bench

Glasgow South MP Tom Harris today stepped down from the Opposition front bench in the Commons for family reasons.

20th May2013

The correspondence continues…

Following Tom’s general response to constituents’ objections to the Marriage (Same Sex) Bill, he has received a number of replies. Below are two of his responses, sent...

16th May2013

‘I will oppose amendments to Same Sex Marriage Bill’

In the run-up to Monday’s debate on amendments to the Marriage (Same Sex) Bill, Glasgow South MP Tom Harris has responded to constituents who have urged him...

13th May2013

‘UK should be leading on fishing reform, not taking a back seat’

On the eve of the crucial EU vote on reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, Shadow Environment Minister Tom Harris said: “Tomorrow night member states will vote...

27th Apr2013
Cathcart Old

Open for business – again!

Glasgow South MP Tom Harris welcomed local residents to the official opening of his new constituency office this morning – his third office since he was elected...

16th Apr2013

Labour welcomes moves to ban circus animals

Labour has welcomed draft legislation, published today, outlawing the use of wild animals in circuses from 2015, but called for clear deadlines to avoid any further delay....

01st Apr2013

Ipsa propsals for MPs’ pay ‘an insult’

Proposals  to exclude MPs from having to pay tax on their income are an insult to voters and doomed to failure, Tom Harris has warned. The Independent...

05th Mar2013
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Fishing quotas: shambles or cover-up?

The government agency responsible for managing Britain’s fishing stocks has publicly contradicted its own minister over the vexed question of who owns the nation’s fishing quota.

22nd Feb2013

Stay the course, Labour warns fisheries Minister

Ahead of a crucial vote on the Common Fisheries Policy, Labour has demanded the government sticks to its promise to deliver an ecologically and economically sustainable package...

07th Feb2013

Greenpeace claims ‘make publication of quota owners more urgent’

The right to fish in the UK is falling into the hands of large-scale foreign fishing companies who provide virtually no economic benefit for the UK, research...

30th Jan2013
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‘Join in the Games!’

Tom Harris joined other Scottish MPs of all parties at the House of Commons yesterday to launch a plea for volunteers to help make next year’s Commonwealth...

24th Jan2013

Supporting ‘Switch the Fish’ campaign

Sainsbury’s campaign to persuade customers to try a different range of fish was publicly supported today by Shadow Fisheries Minister Tom Harris.